Lawn & Landscaping


Professional Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing is important and has many benefits to the overall health of you lawn. Most Toledo lawns should be mowed whenever the lawn reaches a maximum of four inches. Removing too much of the grass blade at once can negatively impact the overall health of your lawn.

About Our Mowing Service

One Source Total Property Solutions offers professional lawn mowing services on a weekly or biweekly plan. Most lawns should be cut at least once a week in order to prevent thatch buildup (dead grass) on the lawn. We offer many custom mowing packages to fit budgets of all kinds.

Whats Included?

All mowing packages include the service of the entire property, string trimming around all areas such as the house, fence, mailbox etc. We edge all sidewalks, driveways and patios, and then blow all debris away from concrete areas.

one source toledo lawn mowing services

Thicken your Lawn!

Lawn seeding is an important part of achieving a beautiful lawn. Having new grass planted in your lawn provides many benefits. Your lawn will look better by having a full and thick lawn. Additionally it will also prevent weed growth by fighting out new weeds from appearing. Having a thick lawn plays an important role in achieving and preventing weed growth.

Options available to seed yards

If you wish to thicken the lawn regularly overtime we would use core aeration process. Then a broadcast seeder to spread seed on the lawn. Our crews will use a core aeration machine to pull small core of dirt from the lawn, this helps to de-compact the soil which in turn will better help the grass roots make better use of water and nutrients. Then using a broadcast seeder we would spread seed on to the lawn those seeds would germinate within the holes applied by the core aerator.

Slit seeding is one of our most effective methods

Slit seeding uses a machine that cuts lines in to the yard and drops seeds within those grooves. It is the most effective option because of the higher seed to soil ratio which provides a better germination rate.

one source toledo lawn and landscaping services


Design & Construction

From “concept to completion” we can design the outdoor area you have always dreamed of. Our designs take many things into consideration from grades, to drainage, soil conditions, sunlight, and many other factors. We work with several people on the actual design from the smallest intimate space to a master plan for your entire property. We also work with certified builders, certified irrigation techs, and other accredited contractors should your project be more complex and require it. There are few things in life that appreciate with age but landscapes, if maintained will continue to enhance your home year after year.

  • Home Landscape Installations
  • Landscape – Perfect Site Property Maintenance
  • Commercial Landscape Installations
  • Terraced Gardens
  • Evergreen Privacy Screens
  • Fencing/Landscape Edging/Arbors
  • Grading & Excavating
  • Lawn Installations – Sod
  • Tree & Plant Transplants
  • Bush & Plant Trimming
  • Garden Install and Maintenance
one source toledo lawn and landscaping services

Professional Sod Installation

Sod is great for covering large areas or bare spots in the lawn. Our service reps are trained how to properly install sod. If your lawn has large patches of area that is not covered in grass, or if over 50% of the grass is covered with weeds it may be best to consider having sod installed.

Proper installation is key!

Sod that is not properly installed will become brittle and burn out. Additionally if it is not applied correctly it may never take root which eventually will also lead to it dying out due to it not receiving proper water and nutrients. One Source Total Property Solutions crews will prepare the soil. Take soil test to determine if the proper nutrients are in the soil, as well as properly fertilize and water the sod after sod installation.

one source toledo sod installation


Spring Cleanup: Let us to the dirty work.

With harsh winters here up north, it’s still always important to get a good clean up the yard and to prepare it for spring growth. Each spring, One Source Total Property Solutions will remove all possible winter-kill, dead branches, and old annuals from Northwest Ohio homes and businesses. Also involved in a spring clean up is aeration, over seeding, power washing, and trimming hedges. A thorough spring clean up is important to prepare the yard for the best growing conditions while minimizing the exposure to fungus and disease.

During a spring clean up it is important to locate trees and shrubs near roadways. Every spring, One Source Total Property Solutions recommends removing 3 inches of earth around trees and shrubs near roadways and replacing with fresh top soil and nutrients. It is common that road debris and chemicals can find its way into root systems destroying the tree or shrub. Fresh top soil and nutrients are key to restoring the health of these plants.

one source toledo spring cleanup

Fall Cleanup: Leaf removal and more!

Fall cleanup on your lawn is extremely important for maintaining a beautiful lawn. When leaves are not removed they become matted on the turf causing the grass roots to weaken which prevents the grass from growing as rapidly the following season.

Our crews will blow leaves and debris from all areas of the property, between bushes, under garages, along fence lines, etc with commercial blowers. If customer requests complete removal, our crews will then disperse the leaves into the back of one of our trucks for removal. Smaller projects we may simply load them into a trailer. Due to the nature of this service, we charge hourly. There is a one hour minimum charge for this service.

Whats Included?

This service is usually performed in the October and November months when most of the leaves have fallen. We try to schedule all cleanups according to the municipality leaf schedules. Follow up services may be necessary if further leaves fall onto the lawn.

one source toledo fall cleanup